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Elisabeth Robinson

Elisabeth Robinson

Vocal Tutor – singing

‘Betty has been singing since she was 3 and hasn’t really loved anything as much since! Captivated by the voices of Whitney, Mariah and Aretha, she soon realised she wanted to pursue singing beyond her 4 bedroom walls!

After completing her Music Degree in N.I she moved to London to train at Vocaltech in West London as part of the Tech Music School’s Master Performance course following her love of contemporary vocals.

She had the immense privilege of experiencing world class coaching and mentorship from the now head X-Factor and ITV vocal coach Annabel Williams. She honed her skills under the guidance of many music industry professionals and simply wouldn’t be the singer she is now without those amazing years in London.

Betty has been back in N.I since 2017 with her daughter who naturally shares her love for singing and Beyonce!

Improvisation and developing a great musical ear is key to how she coaches her students along with bringing out their own unique vocal and performance style.

With a passion for Jazz, Musical Theatre, Neo-Soul and all things Pop and RnB, Betty loves sharing safe and effective vocal technique to her students and seeing them develop as confident musicians.

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