Jenny Chiddick Sayers

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Jenny Chiddick Sayers

Jenny Chiddick Sayers

Music Tutor – piano

Although I only started teaching the piano later in life, I have always encouraged my own children to take up one (or more!) instruments as they were growing up.

The benefits of being able to play an instrument are huge, especially in an age where we are all tied to mobile phones and screens. With so much pressure placed on young children these days and in the lives of all of us, to have a hobby or talent that takes you away for a moment is priceless.

I love being a part of contributing to my pupils learning to read music, starting to play pieces they like and/or participating in exams.

As an extra-mural activity, I feel strongly about piano lessons being enjoyable and the atmosphere at Cantata is very much so!! I started teaching at Cantata in 2018 and love the studio, my colleagues and of course my pupils!

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