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Laura Harbinson

Laura Harbinson

Vocal Tutor – singing

Laura has always had a passion for music and in particular singing, which has seen her become one of the provinces premier vocal tutors.
Laura has herself gained many years performance experience, singing at a variety of venues throughout the UK and Ireland as well as performing at Milwaukee Irish Fest with over 130,000 patrons.

Laura graduated with an honours degree in Music in 2008 and as well as performing, began to teach singing both in schools and privately. Laura produced her first album in 2010, before deciding to concentrate on her role as a vocal tutor when in 2012 she opened Cantata School of Music and Performing Arts.

As well as this, Laura has also worked as a vocal tutor for the BBC, providing tuition to actors ahead of filming for their onscreen vocal performance.

Outside of the music school, Laura has a passion for working with those with disabilities and she has provided tailored music sessions in special schools and to a variety of support groups. Laura also provides music sessions to the children at the Royal Victoria Children’s hospital several times per year.

Laura thoroughly enjoys the many aspects of her busy job within Cantata, from meeting all of the new faces, to working on the next production, but the part of her job that she enjoys the most is watching all of the pupils grow and develop in their chosen instrument or class and observing the very real difference that music and Cantata can make whether by helping advance a chosen career, simply helping to build someones confidence or fulfilling someones dreams.

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