School Terms & Conditions

1. Payment in full is required in advance at the beginning of each month. There will be a 10% charge incurred on all overdue bills.

2. Where possible payment should be made by bank transfer to limit contact due to the ongoing Covid pandemic. The bank details can be found on your invoice and please ensure that you quote the student’s name in the reference. Alternatively if this is not possible, payment should be made in a sealed envelope with the exact money and the student’s name written on the front. Any cheques should be made payable to Cantata School of Music.

3. Parents and Students must not exchange contact details with staff , any correspondence must take place through the school office / Laura, for child protection purposes and GDPR purposes.

4. In the event of a tutor being absent from the lesson, we will provide an alternative tutor or offer a make up lesson on another date and time within the term suitable to you.

5. No refund will be given for missed lessons. If the absence is notified 24 hours prior to the lesson, every effort will be made by Cantata and its tutors to facilitate an alternative time within 14 days of the lesson where possible however this cannot be guaranteed.

6. Examinations are part of the syllabus but are not compulsory. They are accredited by various exam boards, including ABRSM, Trinity, London College of Music and others. Exam boards charge fees for exam entry, which must be paid by the dates advised in advance by Cantata School of Music and Performing Arts, otherwise the student will not be entered for the examination. London College of Music exam cheques must be made payable to ‘University of West London’

7. Parents/ Guardians are asked not to interrupt lessons where possible. This is important to avoid disrupting concentration especially for new students. We do have an open door policy so if you want to observe lessons this is possible. To speak with a tutor please use your lesson to do so.

8. Cantata and its tutors only accept responsibility for the safety of pupils once they are under the teachers’ supervision. Parents should escort children to and from their lessons and remain responsible for them until the tutor has collected them from the entrance.

9. Please keep Cantata informed of any changes in personal and contact details.

10. Where you seek to stop your lessons, one months notice must be provided.

11. Snow day – please keep in touch regarding school opening hours during extreme weather.

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